Making the Honor Roll has never been more fun! Introducing my newest collection of quilting cottons inspired by the idea of being good.... and also some heirloom handkerchiefs that belonged to my great grandmother. To celebrate the new collection I've designed a free quilt pattern called Award Ceremony... we even have quilt kits all ready to go for you!

My November Gathering stack blends the beauty of an autumn palette slowly giving way to winter...have you read how simple it is to have a little stack of beauty on your doorstep every month with my Monthly Gatherings subscription?

It is the perfect time of year to warm our little friends with Baby Blanket Kits I first introduced this sweet project on the blog 5 years ago, and it is still so perfect and simple!

All Dowry fabrics & all quilt kits containing Dowry have been moved into the SALE section of the shop! So shop while the shoppin' is good!

There's been lots of exciting hubbub surrounding my new ANNA MARIA KNITS collection! I'm thrilled to be finally sharing my very first collection of interlock knit fabrics and can't wait to see the awesome stuff you make with it!

Thanks for visiting, Happy Creating! xo, Anna Maria